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Gov Okezie Ikpeazu Cries Out For Sudden Violence Outburst Around Ankara Isikwuato Abia State

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of Abia state has cried out, and expressly acknowledged with sadness the sudden violence outburst around Ankara Isikwuato Abia State.

Governor Okezie Ikpeazu on social media said, “I acknowledge with sadness the sudden rise in violent crime around a bad spot before Akara Junction in Isuikwuato LGA of our dear State, Abia, and the recent spike in attacks on POS vendors in Aba.

I frown seriously at this turn of events and have charged the law enforcement agencies to dorminate all affected  spaces around Isuikwuato axis & decisively combat the rising surge of crime there.

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Governor Ikpeazu stressed further, “On that note, I am relieved by the reassurances of the law enforcement agencies to me that they will apprehend the culprits and ensure the concerned localities are rid of crime”. As a measure to remove the factors enabling crime in Isuikwuato, the ministry of works has been ordered to repair the failed portions of that federal road within 7 days even as we are determined to emplace a permanent check pjoint around the notorious spot.

On Aba, we are determined & have put machinery in motion to arrest within 10 days the few criminals who operate on tricycles. 

However, for these mesaures being put in place to have the desired results, I urge all stakeholders, including Traditional Rulers, vigilante groups, POS operators & the general public to cooperate with the law enforcement agencies, with whom we had a security meeting yesterday to review the situation, in releasing actionable information about suspected characters.

Within our state, with the mode of operation of these criminlals, it becomes imperative now as always for leadership of Keke operators to purge themselves of criminal elements or face dire consequences!Abia has to remain the most peaceful state in Nigeria.

Another security counci meeting of the state will hold within 14 days to review the progress on all fronts.Let me assure Ndi Abia that with the measures put in place, they can go about their businesses without fear. View All

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