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Three Herdsmen Gang-rape Young Girl, Cut Off Her Hand For Refusal To Graze On Family’s Rice Farm – Igbere Tv

This is now becoming very clear that it’s not only the cows’ invasion of farmlands and wanton destruction of growing crops thereof a big issue in Abia, Ebonyi, Ondo and Oyo states, in Nasarawa State it could end up in having your sister or wife savagely raped and even dealt some deathly machete blows if they tried to put up resistance.

Ask the Lukas who have an ongoing case of such criminal proportion at the Homicide Section of the State Criminal Investigation Department, with one Idris Mohammed, 19, right now.

Igbere TV reported that the story has it that one of their sons had an altercation with Mohammed, a herdsman over his decision to allow his cows to invade or stray into their rice farms, their only means of livelihood, and destroy their crops by grazing on them.

According to Igbere TV, the incident took place late 2020. But it caused a big rumpus that was later settled by men and officers of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC). Or, so they thought, until Mohammed the mastermind, still smarting from the experience, bided for time to revenge and eventually had his way with a female member of the family, Martha Luka, 25.

Not only did the rapist, who’s now in police custody, and three others gang-rape and break her will and body, in a bid to have their way with her, Mohammed used cutlass to chop off her left hand she was trying to use to protect her naked groin from being violated by their menacing but eager manhood.

He also left a deep cut in her left leg she was trying to use to fend them off. At the end, they had their way and took their turns in raping her, despite the young woman’s futile attempts to protect her body from being ravaged by the maniacs. View All

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