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Murderous Attack: Brain Cancer Survivor ‘Pushed To Ground And Kicked In Head As She’s Trying To Stop Man Harassing Her Friend’

A Brain cancer survivor claims she was kicked in the head and left with a bloodied face after trying to stop a man from harassing her friend.

Brogan Shanley, from Jarrow, Co Durham, claims she was pushed to the ground and kicked in the head following an altercation with a 35-year-old man.

The 20-year-old says she was attacked after she asked the man to stop harassing her friend, who he was trying to persuade to go home with him.

The images show Brogan’s bloodied face looking tearfully at the camera. Her nose has swollen while drops of dried blood have stained her shirt.

Another picture shows a gash to her lip, which has also been cut, following the alleged attack on November 21.

Other pictures show how the injuries have thankfully healed leaving just a cut below her eye and bruising to her lips.


Brogan, who hasn’t reported the incident to cops, says she was admitted to hospital by NHS direct on Monday after seeing no reduction in the swelling to her head.

There doctors checked her over and logged her injuries before sending her home.Speaking today, Brogan said: “We were just arguing because he is 35 and was trying to get my 20-year-old friend to go to his house when she didn’t want to, so I was telling him to leave her alone.

“He kept going in my face so I pushed him away and he pushed me back to the ground.

Brogan Shanley

“I was saying ‘please don’t’ and covering my face and he booted me then was calling me names.

“He just attacked me, not my friend. She was telling him to leave me alone and to stop but he wouldn’t listen.”I just got cleaned up and stuff at home, but I waited till Monday and it was still badly swollen so I rang 111.

“They told me to come down straight away to get checked because anything to the head can be dangerous.

“They checked me over, the doctor said ‘I’ve been lucky because anything could have happened and you can tell that I have been beat up and not slapped’.


He filed this all in on the computer and took photos of me. I even had bruises on my legs from where he pushed me over.

“Brogan, was diagnosed with Ependymoma, a rare form of brain tumour, in 2017.She underwent surgery twice in December to remove the tumour before travelling to the US for Proton Beam Therapy for eight weeks.

The shocking images were shared by Brogan’s aunt, Joanne Sprouting, on Facebook on Sunday.

Her friend, Joanne Sprouting, uploaded the images to Facebook to highlight the incident.

She posted the images and said: “Feel free to share, she also has recently had major brain surgery for brain cancer too scum of the earth he kicked her repeatedly in the head.

”The photos have stunned social media users.

Rose Thompson wrote under the post: “Poor girl. I hope she’s okay. What’s wrong with people.” Source: The Sun.

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