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Group Ask Inspector General Of Police To Resign

AWKA- By the written signals and circulars issued on Saturday November 7 2020 by Inspector General of Police Force, Alhaji Adamu Abubakar, to the Force’s principal officers, ordering them and their subordinates to use ‘lawful force’, henceforth, against Nigerians, “in defense of themselves, their personnel and properties, the Inspector-General of Police has demonstrated that the Nigerian Police is incorrigible, according to International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law (Inter Society), a human rights group based in Onitsha.

In a statement signed yesterday by the chairman of board of directors of the group Emeka Umeagbalasi, and other principal officers the group added: “it is now clear and unarguable that the present High Command and Officers of the Nigeria Police Force are unchangeable and ‘untrainable’.

“In other words, they are not only chronically uninformed in modern policing but also “experts” only when it comes to corking, shooting, killing and maiming defenseless citizens.

The order also practically indicates the end of the so called “police reforms” in Nigeria”.It said these moves and actions by the IGP must be strongly condemned just as “the IGP’s matching order to the named to henceforth ‘”repel” any further street protests in Nigeria or any part thereof.

”The group asked that the IGP not only “retrace his steps and watch his homicidal utterances but also to lead the NPF and midwife the internal security of Nigeria democratically and within the ambits of the rule of law, or throw in the towel”.

It said that as a key member of the United Nations system, Nigeria must abide by the dictates of international norms and laws including ten basic principles in policing and managing democratic free speeches and assemblies in a democratic republic.

It said the IGP’s ‘heavy’ reliance on ‘exceptional circumstances’provisions of the Chapter Four or Fundamental Human Rights (sub sections 1 and 2 of mother Section 33 or right to life) of the existing Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999 as amended for generalization of his ‘use of force order’ is homicidally intended and tantamount to issuance of ‘license to kill or massacre’ defenseless citizens at slightest or no provocation.

The group also said it was in possession of a video clips recorded on November 5 in Owerri, Imo State where the IGP orally issued “use your loaded rifle’ directive to officers and personnel of the Nigeria Police Force across the country.

It said that it feared the IGP’s ‘use of force order’ is expected to lead to quadruple increase in cases of police extrajudicial violence against defenseless citizens especially the road users and those taken into police custodies.

“This is more so when the Force has consistently maintained an entrenched culture of lies and spinning, to the extent that when its personnel unprofessionally process (torture or shoot) and kill citizens under their custody or those confronted at police roadblocks especially those who refuse or are unable to offer them bribes, the Force will turn around and falsely label them “armed robbers” or “kidnappers” or “jail/cell breakers”. Source: Independent Nigeria View All

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