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Monarch Urges Bayelsa Govt To Provide Relief For Communities Concerning Floods

The Ebedaowei of Kabowei kingdom, HRH Aserifa Hope Torru has pleaded on Bayelsa State government to actuate the State Emergency Management Agency to provide relief materials for flood displaced victims in his domain.

He said though flooding in the five Kabowei communities of Adagbabiri, Trofani, Asamabiri, Ekpereware and Elemebiri is an annual phenomenon, the prediction that this year floor would be much is already being felt across the state.

The royal father called for urgent intervention of both the federal and state government as well as interventionist agencies like the Niger Delta Development Commission among others.

The flood this year will be worse than that of 2012 . The water is rising every minute and I hope and pray that our people do all that is possible to remain safe.

There is the urgent need for some form of relief materials to be sent to all our communities of Adagbabiri, Trofani, Asamabiri, Ekpereware and Elemebiri. They are all seriously affected”, he said.A youth leader in Trofani community, Mr. Sunday Koinyan said there was urgent need for people of the community to feel government’s presence as the flood had destroyed crops, farmlands and many displaced.

Describing the flooding of the community and other Kabowei communities as a huge challenge, Mr. Koinyan solicited the assistance of all indigenes of Trofani to be their brothers keeper by providing succour to those affected.

The flooding in our community is the biggest problem we are facing every year. We have lost so much to it and need the federal government through its responsive agencies to come to our aid.

The state and local government also have a role to play in providing succour to our people.

Trofani is not the only community affected by this disaster, four other communities in Kabowei Clan are also affected. We need urgent attention,” he said. View All

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