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Joe Biden’s National lead over Trump Rises Up To 14 Points After Debate in WSJ poll

That 14-point advantage represents Biden’s largest lead in the WSJ poll during the entirety of the 2020 presidential campaign; his previous high was 11 points in July.

The clear loser from the debate was Donald Trump,” said Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates, who conducted this survey with Republican pollster Bill McInturff of Public Opinion Strategies.

And at least for the short term, this has damaged his standing against Joe Biden,” Horwitt added.

But McInturff, the GOP pollster, cautions that the survey could represent a “shock to the system” right after a consequential debate. (Democrats, for instance, hold a 9-point advantage in party identification in this poll, compared with 5- to 6-point advantages in past ones.)

And as a result, McInturff believes that the race could return to the stable 8- to 9-point margin where it’s essentially been over the last several months — which is still a difficult place for an incumbent four weeks before Election Day.

The biggest declines for Trump in the poll come from seniors (who are now backing Biden by a 62 percent-to-35 percent margin) and suburban women (58 percent to 33 percent).

And men 50 years and older moved from a 13-point advantage for Trump in the pre-debate WSJ poll, to a 1-point advantage for Biden in this latest poll.

Forty-nine percent of voters say Biden did a better job at Tuesday’s debate, which was marked by insults, interruptions, falsehoods and personal attacks — most, though not all, coming from the president.That’s compared with 24 percent who say Trump had the better performance.

Another 17 percent say that neither did a better job at the debate.Additionally, 19 percent of voters say they’re more likely to support Biden after the debate, versus 6 percent who say they’re more likely to back Trump.

The vast majority — 73 percent — say the debate made no difference in how they’d vote.

Among the 49 percent who say Biden did a better job, many voters cited Trump’s performance when asked to describe what they thought was important at the debate.

Basically, last night was a snapshot of the last three and a half years. Not being able to say anything about white supremacists, being negative and being unpresidential,” said one respondent. View All

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