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China Donates 3,000 Tons Of Rice As Aids To South Sudan

The Chinese Embassy in South Sudan on Thursday handed over 3,000 tons of rice as emergency food aid to the east African country. 

The embassy said that 1,500 tons of the donation will go for emergency relief to help people affected by recent floods. 

The remaining half will be used to support the training of the unified armed forces as part of China’s support to South Sudan’s peace process.

Onbehalf of the people of South Sudan, we say thank you for the rice donation,” Peter Mayen Majongdit, South Sudan’s Humanitarian Affairs Minister, said. 

“Our relations with China are unbreakable and we will continue to maintain this strong relationship in various areas,” Majongdit added. 

Manasseh Lomole, chairperson of South Sudan’s Relief and Rehabilitation Commission, said the Chinese food aid came at the right time when the conflict-torn country is battling severe disasters such as floods and food insecurity.

People have been displaced, crops submerged under water, livestock lost and property destroyed.

People are heading for a serious food shortage,” Lomole added.  The oil-rich South Sudan is currently facing a severe economic crisis amid a fall in global oil prices. 

The crisis in the world’s newest nation is further exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and floods that have affected over 500,000 people nationwide. 

“The Chinese government and people are very concerned about the recent floods in Unity, Jonglei and other states which affected a big population,” said Hua Ning, Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan.

Hua said since 2018, the Chinese government has so far provided a total of 9,600 tons of rice to South Sudan in seven batches, adding that Beijing will continue to support South Sudan to attain peace and stability. 

“Our own experience has made us fully empathic with South Sudanese people,” the Chinese envoy said, adding that China will strive to help the country within its ability. 

“China is also willing to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with South Sudan in disaster prevention and mitigation, so as to reduce the loss of people’s lives and property caused by natural disasters,” the Chinese envoy added. View All

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