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Acknowledgement Of Falsehood, And Rejection Of Truth

The way things are going on now, Most People of nowadays reject truth while give consent to falsehood. If you choose to live a truthful life, be ready to face Abuse, Humiliation, Stigmatization, Attack to quench the truth etc, and do not allow all these variables to weigh you down. If you want to be adored by many People, wine to their tunes, say what they like to hear, don’t go contrary to their opinions and perceptions. Upon rejection to truth, People still want to have good things around them, how will it work? There’s nothing like truth, truth comes with full force, even when falsehood tries to cover its existence, truth uproot and still reveal itself within a short period of time. Many People try their possible best to terminate truth, and still wish to get access to truth when it favors them, but when it’s not on their favor, it bitters them. Many People are wondering why things are getting worse day by day, It’s because of neglect and rejection of truth. View All

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