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You Want A Partner That Will Accept, And Adore You The Way You Are

In a relationship, It requires adjustment, great understanding, and compromise in order to make a loving relationship.  You want someone that will tolerate all your excesses, and still adore you the way you are, it’s good, and wise intention, as you wish to have someone that’ll tolerate, and adore you the way you are, just know that your partner wishes to have same partner’s attributes. No one wants to be in a relationship/marriage with a partner that will trouble, give him/her restless mind, and who does not care about him/her.  As you wish have to those attributes in a partner, try to adjust your behavior, and be ready to tolerate your partner’s behavior as well, if not, such relationship will lack ingredients of love.  Many people are wondering why their relationship is always ups and downs, have you asked yourself what and what you’re doing right , and what and what you’re not doing right.  Are you a domineering partner? Are you an I don’t care partner? Are you an always righteous partner? Do you want only your partner to adjust, and to tolerate you for whom you are? Don’t you think that you need to adjust your behavior, try to know what your partner likes, and dislikes then adjust so that your behaviors will suit each other.  Ifyou want your partner to do all the adjustment, and tolerate you for whom you are, he/she might be doing so because of love, but once he/she gets tired of tolerating your behavior, the love in that relationship will disappear, and that relationship will die instantly because that relationship is based on one sided affair, which needs to be two sided affairs.  This message is a call for partners to adjust, understand, and tolerate each other’s behavior in other to work as a team. cares. View All

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