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N-POWER Oshogbo and Olorunda L.G.A kick against plea from Senior Special Assistant to Osun state Governor on special Intervention programs

According to N-Power Oshogbo and Olorunda L.G.A, It’s saddening to hear Mr Lukman Abimbola Bello appealing to Osun State EX – NPOWER VOLUNTEERS on Media to go back to schools as if he has forgotten all his tactics, delay and deceit used in 2018 gubernatorial election, when the volunteers across local government in the state were asked to show up  physically for Governor Gboyega Oyetola to unveil plans he had for beneficiaries in the state.    The same SSA alleged all beneficiaries that:   i) We worked against the victory of Governor Gboyega Oyetola in 2018 governorship election.  ii) the beneficiaries didn’t vote for APC and were engaged in  Anti-party, as if NPOWER programme was political empowerment.   However, we urged Mr Lukman Abimbola Bello, (SSA) to stop using force call to intimidate and coerce NPOWER volunteers in the two local government to resume back to schools.   *OUR POSITION:* As good and law abiding citizens of our dear state, we are not enemy of progress to our dear state and students in the terminal classes but we say no to *be use and dump* again.  1. We want appropriate authority *(Commissioner for education in Osun State)* to come out with clear terms and conditions or any package they have for EX – NPOWER volunteers in the state.  2. We are tired of empty promises, any kinds of threats, intimidation will never work anymore.  3. We are competent and qualified to fill all the vacancies position in MDAs, schools.  4. We are graduate, we have families to cater for, we say no to free service.  No to forceful resumption!  No to  intimidation!!  No to kangaroo appeals!!!    *Signed: OSOGBO AND OLORUNDA NPOWER VOLUNTEERS* View All

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