False Hope


It’s when you keep on giving yourself confidence and assurance that you will make it meanwhile you’re not doing anything substantial to help you out or you’re reluctantly relaxed and waiting for manner to fall on you. You keep on building castle in the air hoping that you will make it without putting efforts and try to strategize your plans, In your mind 2021 is your year to shine, Same 2021 you’ll build Mansion, you’ll buy latest cars, you’ll go for tourism in abroad, etc. I’m not trying to say that miracle can’t happen to anyone, but it’s a rare game to locate an idle mind, It’s a great thing to have hope and confidence in whatever you’re doing, but as you’re hoping and having confidence for positive results, put more efforts, and strategize your plans. Stop giving yourself false hope and confidence, hope and faith without work and good strategy is dead on its arrival.

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