The rate some people dehumanize and maltreat Male and Female servants under their care is inauspiciously uncalled-for. It baffles me on what ground will propel someone to perform such ungodly act to his/her fellow being. Some of these wicked fellow made a lot of sweet unintended to fulfill promises just to get their guardian/s enticed in order to let these servants under their care, in which they turn around dehumanize and turn them into slavery.
You keep on maltreating them and prove to them that they are no body, and your conscience doesn’t tell you that what you’re doing is wrong.
You dead conscience human, just know that it might be your turn to exhibit ill will and excruciating pain to another today, and tomorrow might be your day of reckoning to receive what you dish out to others.
Oh! What an atrocious act and devilish fellow.

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