Is it possible for someone to love another person at first sight?
It’s not possible, rather it’s possible to like someone at first sight at least it’ll be crystal and well understood. But some people misconceive like, infatuation, or lust to love.
Why it’s not possible to love someone at first sight : is because like undergoes rigorous procedures before it can result to love. Love is a great likeness, which requires careful observation, an Intelligent conversation, exposition of both partners likes & dislikes, and an agility to detect physical and innermost features of your partner which prompt love into existence.
But, for someone to see you at first sight and start professing love, it’s either he’s been observing your character for long time, and liked it or he’s infatuating, or lusting on your physical appearance.
What’s your view point concerning love at first sight?
Do you believe in love at first sight?

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