You keep On Wondering Why All Your Mates Are Ahead Of You In Terms Of Success And Life Achievement,
It’s not a bad thing to worry and wonder why your mates are ahead of you, and all you engage in is at low pace of progressing, as you’re worrying about and trying to figure out what the problem is, don’t loose hope, don’t give up, and loose confidence in your life struggle.
As you’re struggling to find solution, try to put more efforts, strategize, and keep on moving forward.
As you’re struggling and hoping to achieve your life vision, don’t soil your hands and happiness in evil.
I want to remind you that destiny can delay for short a while, but cannot be wiped off, and destiny differs. Some people discover their destiny at early stage, while some people discover theirs at late stage.
In anyone you find yourself in, give yourself confidence and don’t relent in your struggle one day it will pay you in abundance fold.

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