There’s this old and overhyped statement that Igbo people do not love themselves, looking at it deeply, you’ll discover that this statement means that all Igbo people are evil, all Igbo people are wicked, and they are perpetuating evil to themselves, because when the entire tribe don’t have any atom of love in them, it results that all of them are evil.
This old and overhyped statement has lasted for decades and many people still don’t give distinctive meaning to it in order to correct it. I want to use this medium to correct it, It’s a general phenomenon and the proven fact that there are good and bad people in any tribe, people who love, and people who hate, and it doesn’t mean that everyone there is evil, that evil ones are causing havoc in a particular tribe doesn’t mean that all the entire tribe contributed to that.
People should not allow mere statement created by their opponents to scatter them, the worst of it is that majority of people believed on this statement, and are using it regularly without trying to figure out the actual meaning of that. As you are using this statement, it means that you are among those Igbos that don’t love each other.
Instead of using Igbo people don’t love themselves, use some Igbo people don’t love themselves, It’ll be properly emphasised.
Stop using wrong generalization to conclude something that includes multitude of people where there’s an exception.

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